Unpublished reports
Agnès Bénassy-Quéré

• "The reform of taxation in EU Member States"
with S. Dées, L. Fontagné, G. Gaulier, A. Karareja and A. Lahrèche-Révil.
 Report for the European Parliament (contract n° IV/2000/05/04), April 2001.

• "The International Role of the Euro."
 with B. Mojon and A.-D. Schor.
 Report for the European Parliament, 1998.
 European Parliament Working Document, Economic Affairs Series, ECON 101, 1-98.
 CEPII working paper n° 1998-03, July1998.

• "Potentialities and Opportunities of the Euro as an International Currency."
 Report for the European Commission (DGII), 1996.
 Economic Papers, n° 115, July1996.
 CEPII working paper n° 1996-09, August1996.