Ariell Reshef




“After bread, education is the second need of the people.” – Danton

At Paris School of Economics:

- Trade with Heterogenous Firms and Gravity Equations (PhD)


- Foreign Investment (multinational firms, trade and investment (PhD/MA, M2 APE)


- Trade and Income Distribution (PhD/MA/professionals, PSE summer school course) 


- Growth and Inequality (in fact, this is International Trade and Inequality) (PhD/MA, M2 ETE/APE) 

At University of Virginia I tought these courses:


- Econ 8230, Advanced Topics in International Trade (PhD)


- Econ 5090, Introduction to Mathematical Economics I (PhD)


- Econ 3720, Introduction to Regression Analysis (BA)


- Econ 302, Intermediate Macroeconomics (BA):