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Thomas Breda

Associate member, Paris School of Economics

Full-time junior researcher, CNRS

Program Director (Labor), Institut des politiques publiques

Research fields: Labor Economics (Employment Relations, Taxation, Gender inequality)

Recent publications:

  • Bozio, A., Breda, T., & Guillot, M. (2023). Using payroll taxes as a redistribution tool. Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 226, October 2023, 104986. [Link]
  • Breda, T., Jouini, E., & Napp, C. (2023). Gender differences in the intention to study math increase with math performance. Nature Communications, 14(1), 3664. [Link]
  • Breda, T., Grenet, J., Monnet, M. & Van Effenterre C. (2023). "How Effective are Female Role Models in redaSteering Girls towards STEM? Evidence from French High Schools", The Economic Journal, 133(653), 1773-1809. [Link]

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