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Thomas Breda

Associate member, Paris School of Economics

Full-time junior researcher, CNRS

Program Director (Labor), Institut des politiques publiques

Research fields: Labor Economics (Employment Relations, Taxation, Gender inequality)

Recent publications:

  • Napp, C. & T. Breda (2022) "The stereotype that girls lack talent: A worldwide investigation", Science Advances, March 9, 2022: vol. 8, Issue 10. [Link][Media coverage]
  • Breda, T., Jouini, E., Thebault, G. and C. Napp (2020) "Gender stereotypes can explain the gender-equality paradox", PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America), December 8, 2020: vol. 117, no 49, pp. 31063-31069. [Link][Free access version][Supplementary Materials][Data and Programs][Twitter and Media]

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