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Peer-Reviewed Publications :

Main publications in English:

Other publications in English:

  • Bourdieu, J., & T. Breda (2017) "Under-Paid Shop Stewards: A Case of Strategic Discrimination?", Travail et Emploi, n° 5 (HS 2017), pp. 5-30.
  • [Published paper]
  • Alvaredo, F., Breda, T., Roantree B. & E. Saez (2017) "Contribution ceilings and the Incidence of Payroll Taxes", De Economist, Special issue on the incidence of Social security contributions, vol 165, n°2, pp. 129-140. [Link]
  • Bozio, A., Breda, T. and Grenet, J (2017) "Incidence and Behavioural Response to Social Security Contributions: an Analysis of Kink Points in France", De Economist, Special issue on the incidence of Social security contributions, vol 165, n°2, pp. 141-163. [Link]
  •   Askenazy, P., Breda, T., and D. Irac (2016) "Advertising and R&D: theory and evidence from France", Economics of Innovation and New Technology, vol. 25, n° 1, pp. 33-56. [Downloadable version]

Publications in French:

  • Breda, T., Haywood, L. and H. Wang (2017) "Un modèle calibré pour évaluer l'effet du CICE sur l'emploi", Revue Française d'Economie, Vol. 32, n° 1, pp. 16-58. [Downloadable version]
  • Bourdieu, J., & T. Breda (2016) "Des délégués syndicaux sous-payés : une situation de discrimination stratégique ?", Travail et Emploi, vol 145, pp. 31-58.
  • [Published paper]
  • Greffion, J., & T. Breda (2015) "Façonner la prescription, influencer les médecins. Les effets difficilement saisissables du cœur de métier des grandes entreprises pharmaceutiques", Revue de la régulation, vol. 17, n° 1. [Online version]
  •  Breda, T. (2014) "Les délégués syndicaux sont-ils discriminés ?", La Revue Economique, vol 65, n°6, pp. 841-880.
  • [Downloadable version] [In the media]
  • English title: "Are union representatives discriminated?" [Working paper in English]


  • Les Représentants du Personnel, Presses de Sciences Po, Mars 2016. [Online extended version][Revue de Presse]
  •  De la theorie a la pratique : les effets attendus et observes de l'action syndicale, IRES, Collection Agence d'Objectifs, Mars 2011.

Chapters in books

  • Educational testing and gender, in the Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies (ed. Naples N., Hoogland, R.C.,Wickramasinghe, M. and A. Wong), 2016.

Working papers/Work in progress:


Taxes and the structure of wages:

  •  "Does Tax-Benefit Linkage Matter for the Incidence of Social Security Contributions", with Antoine Bozio and Julien Grenet. (Working paper)
  • "Wages, labor costs, taxes and technological determinants of inequalities: France 1976-2010",  with Antoine Bozio and Malka Guillot. (Working paper)
  • "Labor market responses to taxes and minimum wage: a dynamic structural approach'', with Luke Haywood and Haomin Wang. (Working paper)

Gender segregation, Gender gap in science:

  •  "Diversity and Social Capital within the Workplace: Evidence from Britain", with Alan Manning. (Working paper)
  •  "Can female role models reduce the gender gap in science? Evidence from classroom interventions in French high schools", with Julien Grenet, Marion Monnet and Clémentine Van Effenterre. (Working paper)

PhD Thesis/Thèse: here/ici

Salaire des Représentants du personnel en 2011: ici  , voir aussi la page consacrée à la discrimination syndicale