Policy Contributions

My policy contributions concern mostly the French public debate. Below are listed contributions available in English. See French page for all contributions in French.


Female Role Models: are they Effective at Encouraging Girls to Study Science? (with Thomas Breda, Marion Monnet and Clémentine Van Effenterre)
IPP Policy Brief, no. 45, September 2019. link pdf

Multi-Collège Catchment Areas in Paris: an Effective Tool for Combating Social Segregation? (with Youssef Souidi)
IPP Policy Brief, no. 35, September 2018.
link pdf

Does Class Size Influence Student Achievement? (with Adrien Bouguen and Marc Gurgand)
IPP Policy Brief, no. 28, September 2017.
link pdf

How much does Grade Repetition in French Primary and Secondary Schools Cost? (with Asma Benhenda)
Note IPP, no. 17, January 2015.
link pdf

Can we Increase the Social and Academic Mix in the Education System? The Impact of Allocation Procedures on Lycée students in the Paris region (with Gabrielle Fack)
IPP Policy Brief, no. 11, July 2014.
link pdf

In Brief... House prices and School Quality: Evidence from State and Private Education in Paris (with Gabrielle Fack)
CentrePiece, 16(2), pp. 14—15, Autumn 2011.

Housing Benefits

Reforming French Housing Benefits: why not Merging Benefits? (with Antoine Bozio, Gabrielle Fack, Malka Guillot, Marion Monnet and Lucile Romanello)
IPP Policy Brief, no. 18, June 2015.
link pdf