Margherita Comola

Contact Information

Bureau R3-65
Paris School of Economics
48 bl. Jourdan 75014 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)180521917

Margherita COMOLA

Current Positions
  • Professor of economics, University Paris-Sud
  • Affiliate professor, Paris School of Economics 
  • Research fellow, IZA
  • Full member, European Development Research Network (EUDN)

Research Interests
Networks, Microeconometrics, Development, Experiments

CV pdf  

  • PhD in Economics: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2008)
  • MSc in Economics: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2004)
  • Laurea in Quantitative Economics: Universita' Bocconi (2002)

Academic Service
  • Director of the Economics Department, University Paris-Sud (since 2017)
  • Director of the Summer School in Microeconometrics of Policy Evaluation, Paris Shool of Economics (since 2017)

Current Teaching (2019/20)
  • Economic Growth (L3 PSud)
  • Public Economics (L2 PSud)
  • Trade and Development Policies (M2 MIE)
  • Networks Economics (M2 ETE)
  • Survey Design and Field Work (M2 DAD)
  • Microeconometric Policy Evaluation (PSE Summer School in Microeconometrics)

  • Treatment Effects Accounting for Network Changes (with S.Prina), forthcoming at Review of Economics and Statistics pdf
  • “An Experimental Study of Decentralized Networked Markets” (with M. Fafchamps), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation, 145: 567-591, 2018 pdf
  • “The Missing Transfers: Estimating Mis-reporting in Dyadic Data” (with M. Fafchamps), Economic Development and Cultural Change, 65(3): 549-582, 2017 pdf
  • “The Formation of Migrant Networks” (with M. Mendola), The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 117(2): 592-618, 2015 pdf
  • “Testing Unilateral and Bilateral Link Formation” (with M. Fafchamps), The Economic Journal, 124: 954-975, 2014 pdf
  • “Can Governments Boost People's Sense of Well-Being? The Impact of Selected Labour Market and Health Policies on Life Satisfaction” (with R. Boarini, F. de Keulenaer, R. Manchin, C. Smith), Social Indicators Research, 114 (1): 105-120, 2013.
  • “Salaried Employment and Earnings in Indonesia: New evidence on the selection bias” (with L. de Mello), Applied Economics, 45: 2808-2816, 2013 pdf
  • “Democracies, Politics and Arms Supply,” Review of International Economics, 20(1): 150-163, 2012 pdf
  • “How does Decentralized Minimum Wage Setting affect Employment and Informality? The case of Indonesia” (with L. de Mello), Review of Income and Wealth, 57: S79-S99, 2011 pdf  
  • “Fiscal Decentralization and Urbanization in Indonesia: Multidimensional Perspectives” (with L. de Mello), in Urbanization and Development in Asia edited by J. Beall, B. Guha-Khasnobis and R. Kanbur, Oxford University Press, 2012.  
  • “Enhancing the Effectiveness of Social Policies in Indonesia” (with L. de Mello), OECD Economics Department Working Paper n. 810, published as Chapter 4 in OECD Economic Surveys: Indonesia 2010, OECD Publishing.

Under revision 
  • Estimating Local Network Externalities (with A. Dekel). New version coming soon. Reject & Resubmit at Quantitative Economics 

(last update: January 2020)