Jan 05, 2013 8:00 am, Hyatt, Elizabeth Ballroom C

American Economic Association


International Trade, Productivity, and Skill Demand (F1)


Organizers:    Nico Voigtlaender (University of California-Los Angeles and NBER)

                        Ariell Reshef (University of Virginia)




Skill Biased Heterogeneous Firms, Trade Liberalization, and the Skill Premium

Ariell Reshef (University of Virginia)

James Harrigan (University of Virginia and NBER)


*      Discussion: Donald Davis (Columbia University)



Imported Inputs, Quality Complementarity, and Skill Demand

Diego Saravia (Central Bank of Chile)

Nico Voigtlaender (University of California-Los Angeles and NBER)


*      Discussion: Stephen Redding (Princeton University)



International Trade, Technology, and the Skill Premium

Ariel Burstein (University of California-Los Angeles and NBER)

Jonathan Vogel (Columbia University and NBER)


*      Discussion: Ferdinando Monte (Johns Hopkins University)



Factor Intensity, Product Switching, and Productivity: Evidence from Chinese Exporters

Yue Ma (City University of Hong Kong)

Heiwai Tang (Tufts University and Johns Hopkins University)

Yifan Zhang (Lingnan University)


*      Discussion: Benjamin Mandel (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)