Ekaterina Zhuravskaya

Directrice d'études, EHESS
Professor of Economics, Paris School of Economics

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Checking and Sharing Alt-Facts
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, forthcoming (co-authored with Emeric Henry and Sergei Guriev). Replication files

3G Internet and Confidence in Government
Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming (co-authored with Sergei Guriev and Nikita Melnikov). Replication files

Political Effects of the Internet and Social Media (survey)
Annual Review of Economics (2020) 12: 415-438 (co-authored with Maria Petrova and Ruben Enikolopov).

Forced Migration and Human Capital: Evidence from Post-WWII Population Transfers
American Economic Review (2020), 110(5): 1430-63
(co-authored with Sascha Becker, Irena Grosfeld, Pauline Grosjean, Nico Voigtländer). Replication files

Facts, Alternative Facts, and Fact Checking in Times of Post-Truth Politics
Journal of Public Economics (2020), 182: 104123 (co-authored with Oscar Barrera, Emeric Henry, and Sergei Guriev).
Replication files

Middleman Minorities and Ethnic Violence: Anti-Jewish Pogroms in the Russian Empire
Review of Economic Studies (2020), 87(1): 289–342 (co-authored with Irena Grosfeld and Seyhun Orcan Sakalli).
Replication files

Attack When the World is Not Watching? U.S. News and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Journal of Political Economy (2018), 126 (3): 1085-1133 (co-authored with Ruben Durante). Replication files

Economic Effects of the Abolition of Serfdom: Evidence from the Russian Empire
American Economic Review (2018), 108(4-5): 1074–1117 (co-authored with Andrei Markevich).
Replication files

Corruption in Procurement and the Political Cycle in Tunneling: Evidence from Financial Transactions Data
American Economic Journal: Economic policy (2016), 8(2): 287–321 (co-authored with Maxim Mironov). Replication files

The Limits of Career Concerns in Federalism: Evidence from China
Journal of European Economic Association (2016), 14(2): 338–374 (co-authored with Petra Persson). Replication files

Radio and the Rise of Nazis in Pre-War Germany
Quarterly Journal of Economics (2015), 130(4): 1885-1939
(co-authored with Maja Adena, Ruben Enikolopov, Maria Petrova, Veronica Santarosa).
Replication files

Cultural vs. Economic Legacies of Empires: Evidence from the Partition of Poland
Journal of Comparative Economics (2015), 43: 55-75 (co-authored with Irena Grosfeld).
Replication files

Cross-border Media and Nationalism: Evidence from Serbian Radio in Croatia
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (2014), 6(3): 103-32 (co-authored with Stefano DellaVigna, Ruben Enikolopov, Maria Petrova, and Vera Mironova).
Replication files

Persistent Anti-Market Culture: A Legacy of the Pale of Settlement after the Holocaust
American Economic Journal: Economic policy (co-authored with Irena Grosfeld and Alexander Rodnyansky) (2013), 5(3): 189–226.

The Unequal Enforcement of Liberalization: Evidence from Russia's Reform of Business Regulation
Journal of European Economic Association (2013), 11(4): 808–838 (co-authored with EvgenyYakovlev).

Everyone Hates Privatization, but Why? Survey Evidence from 28 Post-Communist Countries
Journal of Comparative Economics (2012) 40: 44–61 (co-authored with Irina Denisova, Markus Eller, Timothy Frye).

M-form hierarchy with poorly-diversified divisions: a case of Khrushchev’s reform in Soviet Russia
Journal of Public Economics (2011) 95: 1550–1560 (co-authored with Andrei Markevich).

Media and Political Persuasion: Evidence from Russia
American Economic Review (2011) 101: 3253–3285 (co-authored with Ruben Enikolopov and Maria Petrova).

Segregation and the Quality of Government in a Cross-Section of Countries
American Economic Review (2011) August 101: pp. 1872–1911 (co-authored with Alberto Alesina). Data, Appendix with supplementary materials

Interest Group Politics in a Federation
Journal of Public Economics (2010) 94: 730–748 (co-authored with Sergei Guriev and Evgeny Yakovlev)

Why Russia is Not South Korea
Journal of International Affairs (2010), 63 (2): 125-139 (co-authored with Sergei Guriev).

Businessman Candidates
American Journal of Political Science (2010), 54(3): 718–736 (co-authored with Scott Gehlbach and Konstantin Sonin). Appendix with supplementary materials, Data and replication dofiles

What do Russians Think about Transition?
Economics of Transition (2010), 18(2): 249–280 (co-authored with Irina Denisova, Markus Eller)

Who Wants to Revise Privatization? The Complementarity of Market Skills and Institutions
American Political Science Review (2009), 103(2): 284-304 (co-authored with Irina Denisova, Markus Eller, Timothy Frye). Data

(Un)Happiness in Transition
Journal of Economic Perspectives (2009), 23 (2): 143–168 (co-authored with Sergei Guriev). Appendix with data and methodology description and robustness checks

State Capture: From Yeltsin to Putin
in Corruption, Development and Institutional Design. J. Kornai, L. Matyas and G. Roland (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan, New York NY, (co-authored with Evgeny Yakovlev), (2009). Data

Decentralization and Political Institutions
Journal of Public Economics (2007), vol. 91: 2261–2290 (co-authored with Ruben Enikolopov). Data

Are Russian Commercial Courts Biased? Evidence from a Bankruptcy Law Transplant
Journal of Comparative Economics ( 2007) , Vol. 35 : 254–277 (co-authored with Ariane Lambert and Konstantin Sonin)

Lowering the Cost of Capital in Emerging Market Economies
in Beyond Transition. Proceedings of the 18th ABCDE. F. Bourguignon and B. Pleskovic (eds.), World Bank, Washington DC, (co-authored with Erik Berglof, Patric Bolton, Sergei Guriev), (2007).

Whither Russia? A review of Andrei Shleifer's Normal Country
Journal of Economic Literature (2007)
, Vol. XLV: 127–146.

Who are China’s Entrepreneurs?
American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings (2006), pp. 248-352 (co-authored with S. Djankov, Y. Qian, G. Roland).

Entrepreneurship in China and Russia Compared
Journal of European Economic Association, Papers and Proceedings (2006), 4(2–3):352–365 (co-authored with S. Djankov, Y. Qian, G. Roland).

Who are Russia’s Entrepreneurs?
Journal of European Economic Association, Papers and Proceedings ( 2005), 3(2–3):587–597 (co-authored with S. Djankov, E. Miguel, Y. Qian, G. Roland).

Laws for Sale: Evidence from Russia
American Law and Economics Review (2005), vol. 7 No. 1, pp. 284-318 (co-authored with Irina Slinko and Evgeny Yakovlev). Data

Opportunistic Political Cycles: Test in a Young Democracy Setting
Quarterly Journal of Economics (2004), 1301-1338 (co-authored with Akhmed Akhmedov). Data

Federal Tax Arrears in Russia: Liquidity Problems, Federal Redistribution, or Regional Protection?
Economics of Transition (2004), Vol. 12 (3), pp. 373–398 (co-authored with Maria Ponomareva). Data

Does Arbitrage Flatten Demand Curves for Stocks?
Journal of Business (2002), vol. 75, no. 4, pp. 583-608 (co-authored with Jeffey Wurgler). Data

Rackets, Regulation and the Rule of law
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization (2000), Vol. 16, N.2, pp. 478-502 (co-authored with Tinothy Frye).

Incentives to Provide Local Public Goods: Fiscal federalism – Russian style
Journal of Public Economics (2000), vol. 76, pp. 337–368

Working Papers:

Diffusion of Gender Norms: Evidence from Stalin's Ethnic Deportations
(co-authored with Alexandra Jarotschkin and Antonela Miho) This draft: March 2021. Invitation to Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of European Economic Association

Reading Twitter in the Newsroom: How Social Media Affects Traditional-Media Reporting
(co-authored with Sophie Hatte and Etienne Madinier) This draft: May 2021.

Independent Media and Religiosity
(co-authored with Irena Grosfeld, Seyhun Orcan Sakalli, and Etienne Madinier) This draft: June 2021.

Control through empowerment: Evidence from Soviet Nation-building in Central Asia in the 1920s
(co-authored with Paul Castañeda Dower and Andrei Markevich), draft coming soon

Ongoing Projects:

The Economic and Cultural Effects of Russia's Colonization of Central Asia (co-authored with Gani Aldashev)

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